Why write superheroes? Current story trends have given us a market saturated with movies which show superheroes at their finest and wittiest, at their lowest, but also at their tropiest. So what more can be done?

Find the right questions and a whole world opens up with them.

Why should superheroes always be an overwhelming force? Why can’t they have simple powers that they use in creative ways? I mean, consider the most popular superheroes. The guy that everybody seems to want to currently emulate is Batman (TAS Bats is best Bats!), and he has no powers. Well, in most continuities, but we won’t go into that. This is a guy who uses wits and human ability to overcome guys who are stronger, faster, and more powerful than he. Oh, and his number one villain in his rogues’ gallery? The Joker, a guy who also has no powers unless you want to count his insanity.

But other things to consider: Home life. Romance. Family. We get bits and pieces in comic books and the movies (getting to see Hawkeye’s family was the best thing ever, IMO), but the stories aren’t really allowed to grow and mature because of market factors. We can look beyond that though and show how powers affect the day to day and how balancing two lives might be more hectic and stressful than the comics show.

These are my goals as I write and explore. I want superheroes that are super not because of what they can do but because of what they do with it.

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