Updates, updates, updates

Someday I’ll actually do this blog consistently. Lol.

So big thanks to everyone who’s downloaded Steampunk Fairy Tales! It’s been holding within the top ten of free books for the Anthology & Short Stories and Fairy Tales categories. It even broke into the top 500 for downloaded books at one point! So I hope you all have been enjoying the read.

And if you haven’t gotten it, please take a moment to! It’s free and has a wide variety of stories so there’s bound to be one right up your alley. And if you do get it and like, we’d love some more reviews.

Anyway, been trying to do some more writing. Current project hit a major stumbling block, so it’s being retired, unfortunately. All good things, right? So going to take a mental break before figuring out the next story. Maybe I’ll do some reviews I’ve been putting off in the meantime.