Saturday Music: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

One day, I will actually blog regularly. And then the world will end.

Anyway, Nano was a bust. But I have a new plot for VH, and it actually makes me giddily happy, so here’s hoping I can churn it out and still be on target for looking for a publisher in 2017.

In other news, it’s December! And December means holidays! And this is my first year in ages not having to work retail!

Anyway, so Christmas music is playing constantly at my house right now. But given that it’s Advent and not Christmas yet, I wanted to share something appropriate to the actual season.

…And Peter Hollens just came out with a new release, and it must be shared ❤ (If you’ve never heard of him and have any enjoyment for a capella, you’ve got to give this a listen)


One thought on “Saturday Music: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

  1. I have to tell you that you have preoccupied my thoughts for quite awhile now. Since I read Villainous Heart- the kidnapping on Scribblephile, I have yearned to read more of the book. You’re driving me nuts, girl!
    Please tell me I can purchase the book – now or upcoming!
    Seriously, I love your writing. I don’t say that about too many authors, but you are one of the exceptions. Thank you for sharing your work!


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