The Holver Alley Crew

I’m on a roll with book reviews right now? Maybe I should just entertain y’all with these while I figure out my next story.

Today’s selection? The Holver Alley Crew by Marshall Ryan Maresca.

Back a while ago, I talked about the rest of the books that relate to this one (drop down to the section on Maradaine in the blog). As a bit of a story recap, this is a set of (potentially) inter-related series that all take place in the magical city of Maradaine, which is effectively a fantasy version of New York. (This is not a knock on it. I giggled so hard once it sunk in.)

The first series (under the heading of Novels of Maradaine) follows Veranix Calbert, a young man on a mission to stop the drug trade in his neighborhood while studying at the local magic college. He’s more or less a magic Batman.



The next series is the Maradaine Constabulary, which, from that name, you can tell is about the cops. They’re in a section of the town a few neighborhoods over. Like Law & Order? Then this is a series for you.

Which leads us to the latest series, the Streets of Maradaine, with its debut, Holver Alley Crew.


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A Tale of Two Books

A two for one book review! Along with a discussion on what not to do in a paranormal romance.


On the update side, working on a new steampunk project and trying to still work out plot issues with VH. It’s always lovely when your villain can’t get his act together to bother the protagonists.


Anyway, struggles with writing leads to reading and I ended up with a few new books. I was initially going for Marshall Ryan Maresca’s new book The Holver Alley Gang, but the first bookstore I visited didn’t have it. But I ended up seeing this: God Save The Queen by Kate Locke. A long wait a few days later had me downloading Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews.


The last two basically became a study in opposites and are the focus of today’s review.

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