Saturday Music: Carol of the Bells

Current plans: I’ve got a plot outline to work on after figuring out what my new villain’s plan is and writing a couple of silly Christmas shorts for a contest on Scribophile. It’s good to do silly writing again. I may post them on Christmas if they turn out okay.

Meanwhile, Peter Hollens has a new video out. *squees* I will note that I like giving a variety of music, which was always my intent with this particular blog category, but this is Peter Hollens. And one of my favorite Christmas carols. And he got 300+ other singers to work with him. It’s amazing. I’m buying his Christmas album now.

Saturday Music: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

One day, I will actually blog regularly. And then the world will end.

Anyway, Nano was a bust. But I have a new plot for VH, and it actually makes me giddily happy, so here’s hoping I can churn it out and still be on target for looking for a publisher in 2017.

In other news, it’s December! And December means holidays! And this is my first year in ages not having to work retail!

Anyway, so Christmas music is playing constantly at my house right now. But given that it’s Advent and not Christmas yet, I wanted to share something appropriate to the actual season.

…And Peter Hollens just came out with a new release, and it must be shared ❤ (If you’ve never heard of him and have any enjoyment for a capella, you’ve got to give this a listen)

NaNoWriMo: Rebellion Year

I have, ridiculously, decided to go for NaNoWriMo again. This year, however, is a rebellion year.

That’s right; I am casting off the traditions and embracing another path! One that hopefully ends with a solid 2nd full draft of my NaNo project from two years ago. I was stalling on the second chapter of the draft, so NaNo writing is picking up from there. Sometimes you just need the little bit of extra motivation.

It’s working to an extent. I finally figured out how to start the chapter 🙂

Anyway, feel free to follow my word count here:

Announcements, Announcements, Announcements


No, I couldn’t resist that video.

So, some big things going on.


First, the classical poetry magazine I read for, The Quarterday Review, recently released its latest issue for Lughnasadh. As usual, there’s a great selection of poetry to check out, so I hope you will. There’s also options to purchase copies of the magazine as well now!


Second, I was asked by Sarah Kedar of The Fable Online to help out more with that magazine in the capacity of Associate Editor, which I happily accepted. We just released Issue 18 today, and we’re also happy to introduce options for purchase as well if you enjoy.


Finally, the Steampunk Fairy Tales anthology has been doing so well that we’re about to release a second volume! We had a number of new authors join us, so we’re all looking forward to showing you some more great fairy tales to enjoy. I’ll be back with more information as we get closer to the release. If you haven’t checked out the first collection, now’s a great time to do so 🙂


And maybe I’ll actually post more often.


I have mentioned that I’m horrid about blogging, right?

A lot of that is from never really knowing what to say. Ironic for a writer, yeah?

I do know what to say right now though. I’m back to work on the paranormal romance I thought I’d have to give up, thanks to help from Scribophile. So that’s going well. Also working on a new steampunk tale. We’ll see how that one turns out.

Think I’ll do a post soon that I planned to do a while ago about gaming. And I need to do some reviews of stories I’ve been reading or playing.

So plan for something fun on Friday!

Updates, updates, updates

Someday I’ll actually do this blog consistently. Lol.

So big thanks to everyone who’s downloaded Steampunk Fairy Tales! It’s been holding within the top ten of free books for the Anthology & Short Stories and Fairy Tales categories. It even broke into the top 500 for downloaded books at one point! So I hope you all have been enjoying the read.

And if you haven’t gotten it, please take a moment to! It’s free and has a wide variety of stories so there’s bound to be one right up your alley. And if you do get it and like, we’d love some more reviews.

Anyway, been trying to do some more writing. Current project hit a major stumbling block, so it’s being retired, unfortunately. All good things, right? So going to take a mental break before figuring out the next story. Maybe I’ll do some reviews I’ve been putting off in the meantime.