I have mentioned that I’m horrid about blogging, right?

A lot of that is from never really knowing what to say. Ironic for a writer, yeah?

I do know what to say right now though. I’m back to work on the paranormal romance I thought I’d have to give up, thanks to help from Scribophile. So that’s going well. Also working on a new steampunk tale. We’ll see how that one turns out.

Think I’ll do a post soon that I planned to do a while ago about gaming. And I need to do some reviews of stories I’ve been reading or playing.

So plan for something fun on Friday!


Saturday Music: The Doctor’s Wife

Today’s music selection is in celebration of the upcoming release of the Steampunk Fairy Tales anthology that I’m a part of! Please feel free to join us for Steampunk goodness and discussions as well as some giveaways by the authors involved.


For me, Steampunk is not just the trappings of the society (although I love the Victorian Era) but the idea of pushing science beyond human reckoning. This song definitely captures this idea and is definitely similar to one of the stories in our upcoming anthology!


End of NaNo, or What Happens When the Project Fails

Been quiet for a while because of NaNo and real life stuff that’s been going on. Most recently on the RL front, it’s been a nasty cold/crud/infection that’s hit the whole house.

Which is why I’m hanging up the NaNo hat. I’m 14K behind with a little over a week to go. I technically could do it if I pushed hard to the exclusion of all else, but with how sick I’ve been and still am, plus the fact I haven’t been able to play with my little one all that much (who’s two, so doesn’t understand “Mommy’s working” yet), I’m not willing to push myself to further exhaustion.

Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop work on the project; it just means that I’m going to tackle it at a pace and organizational level that I prefer.

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The relationship between author and fandom

One of the feeds I follow on my personal Facebook page shared this link today. Brief summary: Kim Harrison, author of The Hollows series, is discussing the fact that her latest book isn’t doing well. And by not well, I mean that she’s apparently looking at the end of her career.

Which is a shame. I’m very familiar with her name, and while I don’t actually like The Hollows, she’s a name I’ve consistently seen in prominent places around the bookstores I frequent on my quest to get the Urban Fantasy I prefer.

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Graphic Novels and Writing

1035x1451-20140415-maus-x1800-1397586962So about a month ago, there was an article that got a lot of attention from writers and comic book lovers about a girl who wanted certain graphic novels removed from the college course she was taking. I don’t want to get into the specifics because they aren’t particularly important for this blog; what is important is that it reminded me of one graphic novel which I have been neglecting.

Maus by Art Spiegelman.

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