Saturday Music: Who Wants to Live Forever

Going to try and revive this feature. A little late in the day (night?) but I was cleaning the house (gasp!) and then conked myself out on an allergy pill. Fortunately, I had Thomas on, so my little didn’t go wandering off.

But! That means tonight is for writing, and I have an old project that’s come out of the woodwork with a new plot and a new hope. So, to celebrate, here’s basically the theme song of the piece.

Kinda fitting when you’re writing immortals, lol.

Saturday Music: The Doctor’s Wife

Today’s music selection is in celebration of the upcoming release of the Steampunk Fairy Tales anthology that I’m a part of! Please feel free to join us for Steampunk goodness and discussions as well as some giveaways by the authors involved.


For me, Steampunk is not just the trappings of the society (although I love the Victorian Era) but the idea of pushing science beyond human reckoning. This song definitely captures this idea and is definitely similar to one of the stories in our upcoming anthology!


Saturday Music: Tell Me Lies (and a NaNo Update)

Week 1 of NaNo is wrapping up and I’m 5K words behind. Discovering I’m not really digging this project and I’m trying to figure out why. Maybe I’m taking the wrong direction with it. Hopefully it’ll connect for me soon.

For today’s music, this song kind of encapsulates the MMC’s thoughts on trying to enter a relationship with the FMC. Given he thinks it’s impossible since he’s a complete social pariah, it’s rather understandable I think.

Saturday Music: Every Morning

Been busy with life and job stuff. Didn’t mean to be gone so long! But I’ve got a pile of books to review, starting with Aeronaut’s Windlass (short summary: go read it!), which I’ll get to over the next few weeks as I read them. NaNoWriMo is coming up as well, so I’ll be doing shorter blogs to track what I’m doing there.

But today’s music is a personal favorite. Not just for sound, but I think it kind of summarizes how the MMC sees the FMC in my current WIP, and how she kind of is.

Saturday Music: Bibliotheca ~ Dreamer in the Library

Been recovering from last week’s race. But we’re all good now.

And just in time for OCRemix’s latest album release! It’s become my current go-to for music, particularly since I’ve been replaying the game it’s based around, Final Fantasy IX.

I couldn’t sample my new fight scene music, so here’s a piece by one of my favorite artists of the bunch:

I highly recommend checking out the rest of the album, even if you’ve not played IX (which I also recommend! I’ll do a review for it later, perhaps)