Saturday Music: It’s My Life

Got another rejection on my flash piece today. Much sadness. But applied to another market and moving on 🙂

Today brings us to a week before NaNo. Working on my outline for a new WIP, tentatively titled Fiends and Outcasts, the first book of my Arcanist series. Epic fantasy, set in a spin off setting from Pathfinder/D&D that my husband and I created. One of the goals of editing will be to make it as separate from that particular root as possible.

But while working on my outline, I also start working on my playlists. Today’s offering is one that I’m considering for the MMC, a young man who’s part-demon (going to need a different in-story term for this…) and is kind of like “screw society” since that very birth variant condemns him to the edge of society.

I think this fits him pretty well 🙂

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