An Update!

Or blogging is hard. Take your pick for title preference.

I didn’t mean to step away so long; one of my resolutions was to try to update regularly.

That didn’t happen obviously.

But I had a lot going on this month in terms of my writing life and my “real world” life. Real world, I had interviews and am now in a new job, so finishing obligations at previous employment and getting settled into new job were a big portion of my time.

In my writing life, I was invited to join a project I’ll announce later when it’s ready. So I’ve been working on a new story. That I’m currently distracting myself from editing.

But alive, writing, and heading towards some awesome news to share.

And hopefully going to update this thing more.

3 thoughts on “An Update!

  1. Congrats on the new job! And sometimes life happens no matter what you resolved. 🙂 The nice thing is you can always come back and post whenever. It’s not like cooking where you have to finish before the food goes bad! (that’d be terrible)

    Anyway, it’s awesome that you have a new project. Sometimes editing can suck you into a pit of despair and getting out there and writing something fresh is like skipping through a field of bunnies and flowers. (I’m wanting winter to be over.)


  2. aderynwood

    It seems to me that we all get a bout of inspiration in January then reality hits in February 😉 Everyone steps away from blogging at some point; it’s hard to squeeze it in to everything else going on, especially if you’re busy getting yourself a new job! Congratulations 🙂 Curious about your writing project, hope we get to hear about that one in a future post.


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