Cover Reveal!

So last blog, I mentioned some big news that I was looking forward to sharing with y’all.

Myself and a number of authors from Scribophile, the writing workshop I’m part of, are releasing a Steampunk Fairy Tale anthology! We’re aiming for a March 28th release date with plans for it to be perma-free via Amazon, Smashwords, and a couple other sites.

This will be my first publication as well as Chris Champe’s -my husband- so I’m super excited!

I’m further proud to say that we have the cover, done by Indigo Forest Designs:

Steampunk Fairy Tales 1600x2500

We’re massively excited for this and can’t wait to share our work with y’all.

And take an opportunity to check out some of the other authors in the collection:

Angela Castillo

Daniel Lind

Leslie & David T. Allen

Allison Latzko

Ashley Capes

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